Effects of Cover Methods and Nitrogen Levels on the Growth and Yield of Tomato

Nguyen Thi Loan 1 and Tran Thi My Can 2

1Faculty of Agronomy, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi 131000, Vietnam
2Center for Flowers, Ornamental Research and Development, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Hanoi 131000, Vietnam
Received: Nov 17, 2020 /
Published: Aug 10, 2021

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To study the effects of cover methods and nitrogen (N) levels on the growth and yield components of tomato Cv. Pear F1, field experiments with a 4x3 factorial design were conducted in the 2019 spring and winter seasons using a randomized complete block design with three replications. The cover methods included four treatments: bare soil (BS), black plastic mulch (BPM), transparent polypropylene row cover (RC), and a combination of BPM and RC (BPMRC) with the RC removed approximately 30 days after transplanting. Nitrogen (N) was applied at three levels (150, 180, and 210 kg N ha-1). Using BPM and RC generally led to an increased air temperature, air humidity, soil moisture, and soil temperature compared to the BS treatment. Higher N rates (180 and 210 kg N ha-1) did not result  in different tomato fruit sizes and fruit weights but positively increased fruit yield and quality (Brix values and fruit dry weight) as compared to the 150 kg N ha-1 addition. The cover methods positively affected the yield components and fruit yield of tomato as well as the fruit characteristics compared to the BS treatment. Using cover materials (BPM and RC) combined with a higher N application significantly increased the yield attributes and fruit yield. The highest fruit yield was achieved under the mulching treatment by black plastic (BPM treatment) combined with a 210 kg N ha-1 application, resulting in 50.90 tons ha-1 in the spring and 58.27 tons ha-1 in the winter.

Keywords: Tomato yield, black plastic mulching, row cover, nitrogen levels

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Loan, N., & Can, T. (2021). Effects of Cover Methods and Nitrogen Levels on the Growth and Yield of Tomato. Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 4(2), 1021-1033. https://doi.org/10.31817/vjas.2021.4.2.03


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