Farmers' Constraints on Vegetable Production in the Northwest Region of Bangladesh

Mujibur Rahman Khan 1 , Md. Arif Hasnat 2 and Rifat Alam 3

1Department of Horticulture, EXIM Bank Agricultural University Bangladesh, Chapainawabganj-6300, Bangladesh
2Faculty of Agriculture, EXIM Bank Agricultural University Bangladesh, Chapainawabganj-6300, Bangladesh
3Department of Entomology, EXIM Bank Agricultural University Bangladesh, Chapainawabganj-6300, Bangladesh
Received: Apr 10, 2022 /
Revised: Dec 30, 2022 /
Published: Dec 30, 2022

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This research focused on various aspects of the constraints that farmers experience when producing vegetables in the northwest region of Bangladesh. The goal was to describe selected characteristics of vegetable producers in the research region and to investigate the relationship of these characteristics with the constraints they experience. Data were gathered at random from vegetable producers from several places in Chapainawabganj by a properly structured interview schedule. The findings revealed that in terms of overall constraints, most of the farmers (90.5%) encountered medium constraints in vegetable cultivation. Based on the Constraint Facing Index (CFI), the input constraints had the greatest impact on the production of vegetables. The high amount of land rent was ranked first among the input constraints. The lack of suitable cold storage systems held the first position in the case of technical constraints, and the high price fluctuations of vegetables scored the highest among the constraints in the marketing of vegetables. The technical constraints also had a great impact on the production of vegetables in the study area. High land rent, a lack of suitable cold storage, and the high cost of cold storage each scored above 100 out of a total score of 126 according to the CFI index.

Keywords: Constraints, Vegetable cultivation, Characteristics of farmers, CFI index

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Khan, M., Hasnat, M., & Alam, R. (2022). Farmers’ Constraints on Vegetable Production in the Northwest Region of Bangladesh. Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 5(4), 1690-1697.


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