An investigation on the effect of cutting parameters in CNC plasma cutting process for carbon steel

Pham Thi Hang 1 , Nguyen Thi Chau 1 , An Duong Khang 2 , Nguyen Hoang Anh 3 and Pham Hong Son 4

1Faculty of of Engineering, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi 131000, Vietnam
2Class K61CKCTM, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi 131000, Vietnam
3Class K61KTCKP, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi 131000, Vietnam
4Class K62KTCKP, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi 131000, Vietnam
Received: Jun 18, 2020 /
Published: Dec 31, 2020

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The effect of technological parameters such as gas pressure, cutting current, standoff distance, and cutting speed on the cutting surface quality of CNC plasma cutting process was investigated. The experiment was carried out by Bruco CNC plasma cutting machine for CT3 steel with different thicknesses. The quality characteristics examined included the ability to cut out samples, the slag formation on the surface, the surface roughness, and the cut angle. The analysis of the results was made using the Taguchi method in order to determine the contribution of each-individual parameter to the cutting quality, especially surface roughness. The obtained results show that the value of cutting current should be set up at a real value in order to cut out of the sample. The air pressure strongly affected the slag formation. The surface roughness was mainly affected by the standoff distance and air pressure, whereas the cutting speed and cutting current were the minor influencing parameters.

Keywords: Manufacturing, plasma cutting, surface roughness, Taguchi method

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Hang, P., Chau, N., Khang, A., Anh, N., & Son, P. (2020). An investigation on the effect of cutting parameters in CNC plasma cutting process for carbon steel. Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 3(4), 831-842.


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